Lint Quality

We have most modern state of the art Ginning Facilities for processing the raw cotton. The entire land, plant & machinery set up in all Countries is funded out of groups cash accruals. We have an installed capacity to gin 100,000 tons of seed cotton of the finest quality.

Refined Cooking oil
We have established state of the art plant and machinery set up to extract the best quality of cooking oil which is fully refined. We have a total capacity of processing and producing 50,000 litres per day across Africa.

Animal feed
We have production capacity to blend and pack 500 tons of animal meal per day and which is sold within African Continent.

Washing soap
We also manufacture high quality washing soap as by product of cooking oil refining process and which is sold within the African region.

Export of Cotton Lint Bales
We export close to 25,000 tonnes of cotton lint in export quality bales after processing in our own units to different parts of the world. To facilitate exports we have a global team of highly experienced processionals operating out of India, Hongkong & Singapore.
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